Sunday, March 04, 2012

Infra_MANC Exhibition
[Image of the Infra_MANC exhibition: Guardian Underground. Courtesy of Michael England.]

Our exhibition seems to be going well. After a stressful time installing the materials in the CUBE gallery (much praise is due to my co-curator Richard Brook for his design ideas and sterling work), the exhibition officially opened last Monday.

Here are a couple super photographs, kindly taken by Michael England, of parts of the Infra_MANC exhibition and some of the key materials being displayed.

According to the gallery staff we are getting lots of visitors and positive feedback. The exhibition has also been blogged about, including a good posting by Aidan O'Rourke from the 'private view', a lengthy piece on Paul Capewell's blog, and also a mention on the Look Up Manchester blog.

With the help of Mike Addelman, our enthusiastic university media officer, we've managed to get some good press coverage, including good story in the Manchester Evening News and an image slideshow on the BBC News website. Richard and myself were also interviewed about the exhibition for NorthWest Tonight, BBC's flagship regional television new programme.

[Image of the Infra_MANC exhibition: Picc-Vic and Mancunian Way. Courtesy of Michael England.]

Infra_MANC exhibition is only on for a few weeks and is due to close on 17th March. It is open on Monday to Saturday, 12.00-530pm. If you make it along, please let me know what you think.


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