Sunday, October 13, 2013

Plans of post-war Manchester and some publicity coverage

Over the last few months I undertook a small digitisation project with colleagues Joe Blakey and Richard Brook. With permission from Manchester City Council we captured a series of key public planning documents and maps relating to the city and its regional context. They span a forty year period through the middle of the twentieth century and are made freely available online for the first time. The digitisation work was supported by the Manchester Statistical Society’s Campion Fund.

With the help of the University press officer Mike Addelman we managed to generate some media coverage for the digitised plans. The initial press release, "The city that never was: 40 years of plans for Manchester go online" was picked up by the Manchester Evening News who ran a double page story: "Revealed: Long-lost documents show plan by city chiefs to knock down Manchester Town Hall ..." on the 2nd October and a few days later by the BBC News website.

A second press release focused on the nice rainfall map from the 1926 regional survey and was featured by Mancunian Matters website and again by a full page story in MEN about the myth of 'rainy Manchester'.


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