Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Code/Space monograph was recently the focus of a book review round-table in the journal Dialogues in Human Geography. Reviews and commentaries on the book were generously contributed from leading Geographers Paul Adam, Aharon Kellerman, Sam Kinsley and Mark Wilson. As the authors we got a chance to respond  and reflect on the book now its been in print a while. You can read our short response essay 'Code/space and the nature, production and enrolment of software'. I quite liked our concluding notion:
"whilst many students are Web savvy and adroit in using software, they are largely ignorant of how to produce it. Perhaps then the real follow-on from Code/ Space is need for someone to write a book not on the geographies of code but a textbook to teach geographers to code."

Code/Space has been selling quite well apparently and the publisher MIT Press has decided to release the book as paperback version, which will be somewhat cheaper and will hopefully help it to reach a wider audience. 

Other related news, Rob Kitchin is developing the code research further under auspices of his large Programmable City project. They have created a new website to disseminate their findings, at www.nuim.ie/progcity/ . Other details are pass code related publications and talks are still on my 'legacy' page.


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