Thursday, March 20, 2008

A long delayed article on OpenStreetMap that I having been co-writing with Chris Perkins, has been finished and published in the journal North West Geography.

"The potential of user-generated cartography: a case study of the OpenStreetMap project and Mapchester mapping party", North West Geography, Volume 8, Number 1, 2008. (A local copy is archived here.)

Collaborative approaches based upon volunteered input into shared Internet-based resources are beginning to offer a radical and new alterative to more traditional mapping. This paper explores the potential of one of the most developed of these ‘open’ maps, in a case study of the OpenStreetMap project and of the practices deployed during a ‘mapping party’ in Manchester.
The successes and weaknesses of the Mapchester weekend are discussed and it is concluded that the democratising and social potential of the new medium is already being realised.

Open mapping, Manchester, OpenStreetMap, Mapping parties, User-generated cartography.


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a great blog, one of my favourites. The atlas of cyberspace is amazing.
"saludos" from México

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many thanks for your kind comment.

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