Saturday, September 02, 2006

Rethinking Maps sessions at RGS-IBG Conference, Wednesday 30 August 2006

I co-organised, with Chris Perkins and Rob Kitchin, two successful sessions on new ideas in mapping at the RGS-IBG conference last week. A diverse range of papers delivered were presented (abstracts are here):

Session 1 papers:

1. Deconstructing the Map
William Cartwright, RMIT University, Australia

2. Performing Cartographies: Wayfinding Within The Airport
Paul Anderson, University of Edinburgh

3. MAPS withOUT Borders
Ron Wild, Independent cARTographer

4. – Citizens Mapping the World [SPEAKER NO SHOW]
Steve Coast & Mikel Maron, OpenStreetMap

5. Emergent Mapping: The Possibilities for Cartographic Multiplicity and Resistance
David Turnbull, Deakin University, Australia

6. Tools and social uses for collaborative map building
Peter Miller & Cameron Shorter

Session 2 papers:

1. Maps & Orientation
Eric Laurier & Barry Brown, University of Edinburgh & University of Glasgow

2. European topographic mapping and the aesthetics of landscape cartography
Alex Kent, Canterbury Christ Church University

3. Spatial Diaries? Personalisation and Reflexivity in Maps
Jona Piehl, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

4. Maps, Race and Foucault
Jeremy Crampton, Georgia State University, USA [PAPER READ BY ROB KITCHIN]

5. TheirWork: An Online Map You Can Contribute To
Dominca Williamson & Emmet Connolly, University of Plymouth


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