Sunday, August 03, 2008

Research Agenda in a Quote

Hello, I recently re-found a quote that I came across a while back. It really summarise nicely my research agenda on politics of visualization and geospatial technologies. Its from a paper on inner workings of GPS by Laura Kurgan:

“But the space or the architecture of the information system that wants to locate and fix us in space has its own complexity, its own invisible relays and delays. The difficulty of charting the spaces that chart the spaces, of mapping the scaleless networks of the very system that promises to end our disorientation, demands redefining the points and lines and planes that build the map, and lingering in their strange spaces and times.” p. 17

Source: Kurgan L. (1994) "You are here: information drift". Assemblage 25, 14-43 (a version of this is available from JSTOR). See also Kurgan's "You are here" exhibition.


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