Friday, May 14, 2010

I've been doing some digging around for old maps and plans relating to the development of the Universities in Manchester and some of the iconic academic buildings. I've found some fascinating material in the archives and stores of University of Manchester Estates department. Some of this material will be folded into a chapter in a future 'Mapping Manchester' coffee-table style book. (We are in discussions with a publisher at the moment and are hopeful of getting a contract.)

One of the university buildings that most fascinates me is the Maths Tower, a striking late 1960s block that was located on Oxford Road. The photo above shows an original design model of it by the architects and below is a sectional plan. The Maths Tower was demolished in 2005, just when I joined the University Of Manchester so sadly I never got to go inside. The replacement building - University Place - is an uninspiring piece of architecture I think and very bland interior wise.

More information and lots of good photographs are available on Nick Higham's website about the Maths Tower.

A scan of an original architects drawing for the Maths Tower.
(Courtesy of the University of Manchester Estates Department.)


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