Saturday, May 10, 2008

RGS-IBG Annual International Conference

In collaboration with Chris Perkins I have organised sessions and a plenary at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference in London in late August. They have a triple session on ‘maps as method’ and are chairing a high profile lunchtime plenary discussion on the ‘future of the map’ with Denis Wood, Mary Spence and Ed Parsons.

Papers in the three sessions are as follows:

Session One:

Mashup Cartography for data exploration
Jason Dykes (City University), Jo Wood (City University) & Aidan Slingsby (City University)

Tranquillity matters too - mapping tranquillity
Helen Dunsford (Northumbria University), Duncan Fuller (Northumbria University) & Claire Haggett (University of Newcastle)

Geography made by outsiders? Maps and the Google generation
Pablo Mateos & Paul. A Longley (University College London)

Teaching and learning the city through participatory mapping
Kimberly Libman (City University of New York)

Mental mapping as a methodology: Its evolution, its usefulness, and the ways in which we may analyze them
Jen Gieseking (City University of New York)

Session Two:

Noise to signal ratio - Mapping the boundaries of science as art and art as science
Muki Haklay (University College London) & Christian Nold (University College London)

Getting the words onto the map: walking interviews, rescue geography and the joys of KML
Phil Jones (University of Birmingham), James Evans (University of Manchester) & Jane Ricketts (University of Birmingham)

Using maps creatively to more critically understand the creative city
Chris Brennan-Horley & Chris Gibson (University of Wollongong, Australia)

Interactive community mapping in London
Coleen Whitaker & Louise Francis (London 21 Sustainability Network)

Session Three:

Cartography - a discipline of two halves
Mike Wood (Aberdeen University) & Mike Smith (Kingston University)

Comics and table saws: Experimental cartography methods for recovering ontology
Jeremy Crampton (Georgia State University) & John Krygier (Ohio Wesleyan University)

A Vision of Britain through time: Publishing an on-line historical atlas for everyone
Humphrey Southall (Portsmouth University)

Mapping narratives
Mei-Po Kwan (Ohio State University)


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