Monday, October 29, 2007

A draft cover design for my new edited book. The main image is based on a ceiling painting from the Chat Moss project by Derek Hampson. The book is coming together really and should be out next spring.

Geographic Visualization: Concepts, Tools and Applications

Tables of Contents

1. Introduction - the power in visualizing geographically
Martin Dodge, Mary McDerby and Martin Turner

Section One: Visualization Concepts

2. What does Google Earth mean for the social sciences?
Michael Goodchild

3. Exploratory visualization, beyond multiple linked views
Jonathan Roberts

4. The role of map animation for geographic visualization
Mark Harrower and Sara Fabrikant

Section Two: Innovations in Geo-Tools

5. Telling an old story with new maps
Danny Dorling and Anna Barford

6. Re-visiting the use of surrogate walks for visualizing local geographies using non-immersive multimedia
William Cartwright

7. Visualisation through high-resolution aerial photography in planning related property research
Scott Orford

8. Computing déjà vu: an n-dimensional approach to visualizing geographic experience
André Skupin

Section Three: The Value of the Third-Dimension

9. The visual city
Andy Hudson-Smith

10. Travails in the third dimension: A critical evaluation of 3D geographical visualization
Ifan Shepherd

11. State of the art in immersive geographic visualization technology
Martin Turner and Mary McDerby

12. Landscape visualization: science and art
Gary Priestnall and Derek Hampson

Section Four: Challenges - Metadata, Uncertainty, Temporality, and Mobility

13. Visualization, data sharing and metadata
Humphrey Southall

14. Visualizing geographic uncertainty
Stephanie Deitrick and Robert Edsall

15. Geovisualization and time – new opportunities for the space-time cube
Menno-Jan Kraak

16. Visualizing data gathered by mobile phones
Michael Wright, Leif Oppermann and Mauricio Capra

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mapping Internet address usage

Hello, some recent work on visualising the allocation of core Internet
protocols. I like to think of these as like landuse maps of cyberspace.

- ANT Censuses of the Internet Address Space

- The Measurement Factory's Mapping of IPv4 Address Space,

- Find yourself on the Maps of the Internet, showing approximately where I


Friday, October 19, 2007

Did a good walk in cool Autumn sunshine yesterday afternoon, along part of the Pennine Way. Lovely views of Kinder Scout and down Ashop Clough.