Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chris Perkins and myself are giving a talk at a conference in Liverpool in a couple of weeks. This presentation will be some of the initial research we have done on the envisioning of the hydraulic city that is coming out of our ongoing 'Mapping Manchester' project.

Our paper is entitled "Maps, Memories and Manchester: The Cartographic Imagination of the Hidden Networks of the Hydraulic City". The paper analyses how various aspects of water supply and management have been made possible through maps and plans. Its a work in progress and we'd welcome comments. Hopefully, we will also get some useful feedback when we read the paper at Mapping, Memory and the City: An International Interdisciplinary Conference, being held at the University of Liverpool, 25-26th February 2010. The conference is organised by the 'City in Film' project at Liverpool University.

I gave a public talk on my 'code/space' research at URBIS at the end of last year. A short article based on the presentation has been written up and published in the Urbis Research Forum Review (vol 1, issue 2, January 2010).

The presentation and article builds upon ongoing research on the social and spatial role of software in everyday life. Much of this work is collaborative with Rob Kitchin. More information and links to our other papers on this theme are here.