Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A Couple of Reviews

Firstly, a positive review of our edited book Rethinking Maps (Routledge, 2009) by Daniel Lewis has just been published in the journal Environment and Planning B.

The review starts "[t]his collection of essays marks a milestone of scholarship in critical cartography, a discourse most notably augered by the seminal work of John B Harley collected in The New Nature of Maps (2001). This collection moves forward from Harley and provides a timely summation and spur for future research in maps and mapping." Nice.

The review also mentions specifically the value of our introductory chapter and concluding 'map manifesto' in the book. These two chapters are online 'unofficially' in uncorrected page proof versions.

Secondly, our Mapping Manchester exhibition was reviewed by Adam King and Mark Sansom in Maplines, the newsletter of the British Cartographic Society (winter 2009 issue). A little late to blog this but I've only just got hold of the review. The exhibition itself finished in April but you can get a sense of the content from the e-catalogue. We have hopefully now got a publisher for a comprehensive 'coffee-table' book version of exhibition and will be signing a contract soon. Although, the book itself won't be complete for at least another 18 months.


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