Monday, September 06, 2010

The summer of research is rapidly coming to a close with the looming start of semester and a return to undergraduate teaching duties. It seems I spent most of the summer on editing other peoples material for three books rather than writing anything new myself.

None of the books is quite finished, despite a lot of time and energy expended - but 'Classics in Cartography' is the closest to completion. I've just checked over the book's cover one last time (shown below). The book is now listed on Wiley's website and can be pre-ordered from Amazon. All being well it will be printed and ship by December.

Now I just need to get The Map Reader manuscript finished up and submitted to Wiley for production. This is a reader style book, an anthology of 54 key pieces about cartography, along with new editorial essays. Its co-edited with Chris Perkins and Rob Kitchin. Its going to be a pretty big book!


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